Modern wall design in your living room. PVC wall panels in 3 different ways

Modern wall design in your living room. PVC wall panels in 3 different ways

Sophisticated and original wall design in your living room? Modern solutions give lots of possibilities, even for complete beginners. All you need is a little inspiration from the latest interior design trends and… a choice of materials that will allow you to bring even the craziest visions to life. These three conditions are fulfilled by PVC panels – as wall decorations, they are no longer associated with the past, creating modern, unconventional interiors.

Modern designs in an elegant style

Today’s designs of PVC wall panels work perfectly well even in very elegant interiors. There are many patterns and colours that will allow you to freely decorate your living room at a reasonable price. If you want a minimalist, austere interior, you can choose from several specific models of PVC wall panels:

  • imitating concrete – they work best in ultra-modern interiors, in combination with blacks and raw design;
  • with characteristic colour motifs – it is an easy way to decorate the wall quickly and effectively, without resorting to complicated design and putting on other decorations. This prevents us from feeling overwhelmed by too many decorations;
  • with geometric patterns – patchwork, more or less complex patterns work best together with simple furniture and bright colours; they will quickly add character to interiors that lack expressiveness;

Of course, you do not have to choose only one model. With a little thought, you can combine patterns and colours to break the monotony and make your living room a small work of art.

Bold 3D decorations

A modern living room does not always have to be associated with a plain, smooth wall structure. Pressed PVC panels allow for the depth of large spaces that are difficult to manage. The most popular are structures imitating brick walls, natural stoneware or other “brick” materials. Of course they are not as hard as those made of natural materials, but thanks to modern printing methods they look almost identical. Moreover, in recent times, wood-like mosaics have also become quite popular. In this case we have even more possibilities to choose a specific colour, size of mosaic elements or the type of wood.

There is no denying that all of them look very impressive, they are relatively cheap to install, and in case they go out of fashion, they can be easily replaced.

High-gloss PVC panels – the quintessence of minimalism

The single-colour high gloss panels are the most minimalist and elegant of all. They can instantly refresh the interior, giving it lightness and spaciousness. They are perfect for small interiors that need optical magnification. In addition, due to their simplicity and elegance, they also offer great arrangement possibilities. They will make a superb background for a decorated piece of furniture, a contrasting cabinet or an unusual sculpture. It is certainly the best choice for the indecisive who aim at modernity – there is absolutely no risk that we could overdo something.

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